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My enraged husband has abandoned me at my parents’ place!

My husband went into a rage whenever I brought up the idea of visiting my parents. Now, he’s flipped a switch and abandoned me at my parents’ while I’m having a miscarriage!

Husband has gone abroad with no communication

My husband has gone abroad with all my savings and has not contacted me. He always used to chat with other girls, especially his sister-in-law, and ignore me.

Abandoned after a promise of marriage

He too finished his studies and placed in a job, but 6 months ago he said “according to islam, having a relationship with a girl before marriage is a sin, so hereafter I am not ready to speak with you. I realised my mistake, so I will marry you with my parents’ permission only if you convert to become muslim” and “there is no way to marry a hindu girl according to islam”.

He’s leaving me penniless and homeless in Egypt!

The problem is now he wants me out of my villa that I bought, and he wants it sold. He says he wants to move on, yet he won’t admit to his adultery. I am here alone now in Egypt with no money or family, and I can’t survive here. I am living in a slum of a house and I can’t afford my bills.

Just after our nikkah and honeymoon, my husband abandoned me

He has completely shut me out of his life and I have no idea of his whereabouts. His mother on the other hand, apologized to me on his behalf but mentioned that her son had made a mistake, but not a crime. Since then, there’s been no sign of him. He has a job that he should get back to, for he had lied about the business trip and he has a loan to take care of. I’ve known him for 3 years and he has always been a responsible person when it comes to his job and finances.

Physical, emotional and financial abuse… Is this what an Islamic marriage is meant to be like???

I wanted to learn more about Islam by his example… I was held prisoner in his parent’s home. He punched and kicked me everywhere, saying he would make sure I never conceive a baby. It took weeks for my bruises to heal and I have permanent scarring on my eye.