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Can I be trusted?

I don’t understand how to make him believe that I am his, and I would never do anything to hurt him or to lose him.

Can I marry him even though he is not Syed caste?

My parents say a Syed girl can’t marry in other caste. They want an undertaking from my side of unmarried life till my death if I can’t accept their choice.

My friend says he was intimate with my girlfriend…

She was my friend’s girlfriend. They broke up completely when I met… When I asked my girl she said she has not done sex with him. Now I don’t want to leave her. What I will do?

I want to marry a girl who is Islamic scholar

My parents are tired looking for girl as I like, they are forcing me now marry general educated girl, but I am absolutely not interested about general educated girls.

I want to marry him but everything is against us

I had a sinful relationship for three years. Now I want to marry him, but everything is going wrong.

Help needed to find a good woman to marry

Editor’s note: Please be aware that this is not a marriage introduction site. Please do not post proposals or personal details.

Is it true that we cannot marry until 3 months of no intimacy has passed?

I have been dating a Muslim Man for a little over a year now. I just converted to Islam and we want to marry one another. We have been intimate with each other.