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Should I re-marry my drug addict ex-husband?

Everyone in my community is encouraging me to just remarry him for the sake of my children and keeps telling me I can never remarry another man and trust him with my girls.

How do I make my children’s Muslim father take responsibility?

I myself am not Muslim however my two children and their father are. The children were born out of wedlock.

I was abandoned by my husband with our newborn baby HELP PLEASE

I am a sister who converted to Islam in 2007 , I met my husband in 2006 , he introduced me to Islam. Our stories were similar he has a seven year old boy and I have a seven year girl, he taught me a lot of good things and we were friends for a year. He was a respectful man a loving father a great man… we got married in the mosque in August 2007 but we had a lot of differences because of our traditions and don’t think was because of religion.

My husband shows no love, what should I do?

i have been married 6 years alhamdulillah, but my husband does not intetract with me or the children, or even talk or show love.

i have a feeling that he wants to end it. i have given him chances after chances and nothing nobody can get through to him.