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We are living separate lives even though we are married

I was never shown what he earns or where he spends, while he has complete control over my salary! I have also caught him multiple times talking to girls through a dating site. I have come to the point where I feel separation is the only way I could get some peace.

Can we get married?

She has been separated and we don’t know where her husband is. We looked everywhere but can’t locate him.

Trapped in an unhappy marriage

I wished I should have been dead before I see this.. I now hate my husband as to what he did, I don’t want to be with him anymore but I have to because of my daughter and the society..

Should I file for divorce or keep this marriage?

My husband left me and my 2 kids. He makes no contact and we have no relationship for almost 13 months. He doesn’t give me a penny towards expenses. He doesn’t give divorce either.

Divorced by my husband in favour of his second wife

He wrote divorce – I looked at his face thrice that he might stop but he didn’t. He wrote the words three times and left.

Can I choose my own husband after getting divorced?

Finally he came back after 2 years… Then he divorced me. Since I’m a divorcee now is it permissible for me to marry without anyone’s permission… I am scared that my parents will choose the wrong person for me again.

I haven’t seen my husband in ten years, am I still married?

Am I still married to him as I have had no connection with him for 10 years and I do not know his whereabouts? I want to move on but I have a guilt that I am still married to him but unable to get a divorce as I do not know where he or his family are at now.

Wife’s right in the night or day?

My husband works during the day and in the night he goes out to see his friends and comes back nearly fajar time. And cos of that we argue evey night, it is affecting us so much. He says he needs his own time and he is fulfilling my right by feeding me, giving me a roof on my head even though its his parents house and clothing.

My husband left the house and will not tell me where he is staying

My husband has left home and has now been out of the house for one week. he is refusing to take my calls and he has not called me not even to check to see if I’m OK. I know that he was having an affair because i spoke to the woman that was about two months ago. But now i know that she is not seeing him any more. But i feel now it is some one else that he is seeing.

Don’t want to lose my third husband

I have been widowed twice and got married for the third time 6 years ago. Then I saw the true side of him in 6 years: gambling, drugs, women etc. But i carried on with him because I don’t want to lose another husband. He has now left me and gone to Pakistan and not even phoned me. The thought of a 3rd husband leaving me has made me very depressed and i just want him back.