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I feel abandoned by my husband

I am married to a Muslim man, and I am a convert with children not belonging to my current husband. He decided to go to his country and visit his parents and siblings there, then would return and find a job and a home for us. When he first left he kept in touch regularly, but he has been gone now 5 months and I have not heard from him in weeks. He does not even answer emails or any of my calls. In the last contact he sent to tell me that he was robbed and did not have phone but would return home eventually; he will let me know.

I am the second wife but my husband ignores me. I am devastated! pliz advice

Assalam Alleikum. I am a 24 yr old married as a 2nd wife with 2 kids. My husband apparently is so scared of his first wife & denies me my equal marriage rights. It has been more than 3 years ever since we got married and he hasn’t even begun to share the days or nights. He comes to me secretly lying to his first wife that he is at work and only sleeps with me then leaves immediately after he is satisfied.