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My father sexually abused me and ruined my life

I realized that I would never be able to have contact with a man, since I cringed at every touch. My father ruined everything for me, and I was really disgusted. I just faked it, since I could not and was not allowed to tell my husband what happened in my past (My mom insisted on it, she said that if that came out me, my father would be viewed a certain way by people).

Muslimah in pain and in general need of your help

I was abused. I had my innocence taken away at a very young age… It was my own brother…

Suicidal and traumatised by my past

I have posted here before and got a lot of help, but my mother decided to push me into a trap and now I feel worthless sinner again.

After a relationship of 5 years, I am scared he doesn´t marry me.

The problem is he hasn’t told his parents about us the whole time and has even directly lied to his mother and said he doesn’t have feelings for me. I am completely in love and still want to marry him but he is to scared to tell his family and wants to wait till he finishes his studies.