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Sexually Abuse By My Own Family

I just better be off dead and no one will miss me. I just want to die as good Muslim women but I can’t do so if i keep doing what I’m doing now.

Imprisoned by my family for cancelling my arranged wedding

They say that I have killed their pride and therefore I should die and deserve to be raped and killed because I am a whore… They pray for my death, they pray for my unborn children’s deaths and they pray I face suffering throughout life.

I want to get married but I have no family to help me

I’m scared that I would be treated with suspicion and without any family support I feel vulnerable in meeting anyone.

Fleeing an abusive husband… but still trapped

I got to my family and filed khula, but my mother got shocked and she and my brother started beating me…

Under pressure not to marry him

Everyone in my khandan(family) calls me with bad names and has finished contact with me. And for no reason everyone’s being stubborn.

Should I end this sad life? Sexually abused by brothers, terrible narcissistic parents and now guilt is killing me. Please help me

I will tell you my story in short. Its going to gross you out because it is so bad. I am sorry but I really need to get this out. If i dont i will surely die.