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My father has been inappropriate with me?

Is he still my mahram? Should I tell the family?

Abusive father

It has happened 3 times that he has tried to touch my private parts…

Respecting a father who used to molest and abuse

I tried to forgive my father but he gives me creeps and I still cry because of him. I just can’t respect him. Kindly tell me what to do.

I’m too old for marriage and children… What’s left for me?

Now I live a lonely depressed life and I will die that way too … What’s left for me? What did I do so I was not granted a good spouse or children of my own??

Abusive father won’t let me marry

He said the reason is because he said no and I should obey. I have to follow his command because else he will kill me … he also said that he will burn my face…