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Past repeating itself and helpless.

I was sexually molested and grew up in a pornography addicted family, and now I fear I am going the same way.

Toxic family problem

They have mentally and physically abused me, destroyed my mind set, ruined my way of thinking… I have no life, nothing at all.

Is my family abusive?

I am very upset by how my brothers treat me and my sisters and my parents. Is there anything that I can do?

Forced marriage and very abusive family?

My wedding is set to be January 2017 but I will never stop trying to fight it off. As of now though and my main concern is: How do I put up with this abuse without killing myself?

I’m being forced into a marriage – Please help me!

I expressed my feelings and they all told me that I either stick with this guy or I’ll end up being sent to my country in the Middle East to get married.

Feeling isolated and desperate…

I don’t have anyone to turn to… Sometimes i feel to just pack my bags and leave but i don’t even know where to go.

Forced Marriage

I was emotionally blackmailed into marrying my cousin in 1998. Then I was told that everything will be ok and I should give it a go which I did till 2003. I spent the first 5 years begging my parents and crying to my parents as this is not what I wanted, that there was no love or care in the marriage but I was constantly told it would be ok and always made me to be the bad person in the whole relationship.