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My dad is abusive and a cheater

After jummah he fought my mom, and she was crying. I gave him a warning, that I will call the police… he ran after me to hit me.

Abusive father won’t let me marry

He said the reason is because he said no and I should obey. I have to follow his command because else he will kill me … he also said that he will burn my face…

My father has become difficult to live with

I honestly don’t know how to proceed and I am tired of trying to restore our relationship. I am on the verge of shutting him out of my life.

Wishing death for my abusive father

I just wish my dad was gone… That way we wouldn’t have to suffer…

Abusive father is ruining our lives

Can I kill him? Is it wrong to pray to Allah to take him away from us, to give him death? Can I expose him?

My father molested me – so how do I marry the man I love?

We want to marry but my family will never say yes. I am in a foster home so it’s hard. We would like to do a nikkah but as I am in a foster home I have no clue what to do.

My father and brother sexually abused me

If it is not haraam I will feel better that I can just live my life and block him out. But if it is haraam I need to know and any advice of how I should deal with it.

My abusive father is coming back

I have a problem, and that is my father is coming back. He has been at his country for like four months now, and he’s coming back. I don’t want him to come back. I don’t know what to do, my mother doesn’t listen to me. Why does she call me a liar? And why does my father have to come back? I was just starting to remember what normal feel like, what living a normal life is like, and to have no problems.

Parents won’t accept my nikah because of my husband’s race.

They told me to forget about my husband because my nikah isn’t valid because they weren’t there… even though I have already certified it with a mufti and maulanaa. My father has a history of domestic violence and recently hit me.

Marriage – destiny or in my hand?

Is marriage in my destiny or in my hand or is it already fixed? I am 28 yr old and still un-married.