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Very disrespectful son/brother

Should he be thrown out of the house?

Is my family abusive?

I am very upset by how my brothers treat me and my sisters and my parents. Is there anything that I can do?

I’m in a loveless marriage since day one

It got to the point where we go for days without talking to each other, he even got abusive once and I was left bruised. I hate living with him.

Cheating and lying husband, help needed

He used to hit me a lot and abuse me… Things got better but after the death of his first wife, he’s become the same. I’ve contacted some Maulanas and they’ve all told me he’s having an affair outside.

Why do my proposals never work, why is Allah doing this to me?

One man did very bad thing with me. I gave 8 years of my life he forced me to do something wrong with him & i really tried to convence him it’s haraam & I am muslim girl, I’ll not do. After that he spits on my face, that incident happened 1 year ago but I am in pain. Anytime that incident come infront of my eyes, I cry why this happened with me

My deaf husband is very abusive I now have developed a mental problem.

I am a young Muslim educated woman my parents arrange marry me with deaf,mute and uneducated man. my grand dad said do not do her marry to this man give him deaf daughter but they did not Liston to him…

Wife becomes abusive, curses and nags

I’m a 30 year old mad and I have been married for over 7 years I have a 6 year old son. I married my wife with some resistance from her family but afterwards it was. I am not a rich person and but was doing a good job when i marries we lived we lived in a rented house and was very happy and after my son was born we were invited to move into my wife’s house.

Should I leave my loveless marriage?

My mother got me married at 16 to her nephew in Pakistan. At the time I just did what she wanted as I thought she would do what is best for me. I was a type of girl whose life revolved around study. I was a prefect and got the highest grades when I finished. I had my college planned and place set. I found out I was going to get married when it was my sister’s walima, my mum booked the tickets in two days time.

Am I wrong for leaving my husband who abused me emotional and verbally for ten years?

As Salaamu Walaikum, I was in a very emotional and verbally abusive marriage for ten years. I have four beautiful children and Allah knows I tried to stay and deal, but on October 11 I just couldn’t take it any longer. I left and am now in a shelter with my children. He is constantly calling my sister and mother to relay messages to me of how unislamic I am behaving by leaving.