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My Wife left Islam temporarily

She came back to Islam after 7 months, and now she is practicing much more. Do I have to marry her again?

I like a man, how to guide him to Islam?

I want to talk to him about Islam, and guide him. However, I do not know how to do it. I have a feeling that he might be the right guy for me. The only thing that should change about him is religion.

I’m converting to Islam – do I have to change my name?

My name means “miracle” and I believe if your name does not go against Islam you do not need to change it?

How do I file divorce?

We went on separate paths 10 years ago. He converted to Islam in 2006, and I have recently decided to embrace Islam.

Converted to Islam and my boyfriend broke up with me

We were planning a marriage and future together…

I want to marry a younger Muslim man

I am ready to convert to Islam, I believe in Allah. But we are afraid of our parents and society.

Question about converting

I would like to find a Muslim community but I am wondering since I can not have children if I will be shunned or not…

I lost my virginity before reverting…

What do I need to do, and what if I’m getting married? I’m stressed for that happens.

Praying for someone to became a Muslim

I would like to know the dua for praying to someone to become a muslim please.

Was he just using me all this while?

He told me his parents would never allow him to marry a girl who was not a muslim by birth. Now he says that he wants to break up for two years and during those two years I should convert to Islam and become a practising muslim girl.