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How can I make her accept islam?

I tried to approach her by scaring her, saying that she will go to hell if she doesn’t embrace islam. I know it was very naive on my part, but can someone tell me how to approach her? I want her to see the beauty of islam. She is not acceping any of my efforts of hidayah, so can anyone tell me how to ask people to convert to Islam? How can I sow the seeds of Islam in her heart? I hope I find a successful answer which can fetch me results.

Conversion to Islam before Marriage

My father in law said it will be after 4 years that we can get married because they feel it will take me 4 years to change my self completely and become a complete Muslim . So these will be the changes I will have to undergo…

Can I marry my Muslim boyfriend after converting?

I’m converting, I’m not annulled with my catholic husband but can I remarry? If I get pregnant before marrying can the baby have their father’s name?

Considering divorce

I believe he accepted Islam to get married. He does not hinder me from practising Islam, but I believe he is still a Christian. I am at my wits end and believe I have condemned my children religiously.

Is this relationship possible?

Do you think there’s hope for our future together considering the circumstances with our family and the fact that we are different religion and so far from each other?

Converting to Islam

I have been learning Islam for about 2 years now, I want to convert!

Am I being trapped by my ego?

I know this is the test Allah has promised the people who say “We believe” so please tell me what am I doing wrong? Am I not trusting Him enough?

Can I still see my parents after I convert to Islam?

From my school days onwards all my friends have been Muslims and so I have always felt an interest in this religion. I started reading Quran for the past few months and I am very familiar with the prayers and all your religious activities