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My father is addicted to drugs and unemployed

I can’t even seem to forgive him anymore and I am hating him a lot for what he is doing to me, my mother, and siblings.

Oath on Quran and breaking it

This vicious cycle of smoking, feeling guilty, quitting, paying kuffarah take a toll on many aspects of my life.

Husband with gaming addiction – I’m completely alone

Since he doesn’t beat me, or doesn’t go out clubbing maybe I should just excuse his behaviour? But the loneliness makes my heart ache so bad.

I’ve found out my husband watches porn

Will it hurt his male ego if I talk to him about it? He is trying to maintain a good image before me. I don’t want to hurt his dignity.

Married to an alcoholic and praying istikhara

Can istikhara help in this situation or I guess it’s not permissible because what he’s doing is haram anyways and I should be seeking a divorce. Ideas, thoughts, practical advice, prayers?

Out of my control

I have seemed to reach a point of hopelessness. For the first time in my life, I have stopped praying INTENTIONALLY. With no good reason apart from the fact that I am ashamed to pray to allah.

I’m addicted to pornography and masturbation

I’m 13… I need to get rid of this addiction. There is also a JINN in the house.

I smoke hookah but my husband does not know

I don’t want to know what his reaction would be when he finds out I’ve been smoking behind his back…

Carnal urges, faith problems, and fed up with life

I believe in Islam, but the fact that I need to take a leap of faith to do so depresses me. I feel that the only way to be certain whether God exists or not is to commit suicide.

I lied to my father

I stole his watch and exchanged it for weed. I said that I have lost it somewhere. I feel so bad about this…