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Infertile widower about to remarry

Should I tell my new wife that I am infertile before marriage? She is gonna find out anyway, and I also fear that she will react negatively about that, because I have read lots of forums from annoyed wives whose husbands are infertile, and in a few cases some wives have even divorced their husbands because they were infertile.

Boyfriend’s parents want to adopt my baby!

They’re telling me I’m in no situation to handle this and that this child should be raised in their faith, by them.

Baby out of wedlock

If I leave my home to be with my baby I won’t have my family’s support. If I give my baby up for adoption it will kill me…

Can a stepfather be a wali?

The girl’s mother had remarried when the girl was of very young age. The girl does not recall her real father, and she knows her stepfather as the real father. The stepfather has an affidavit to show that he had taken guardianship of the girl

Our marriage went from best to worst

But subhannallah, we are trying so hard to make things work and they just aren’t. I’m very sad. My life feels over. My husband is stuck paying for this family to live, (may Allah swt reward him) but now we have nothing to live on ourselves. We can’t even afford to have a place of our own or food for ourselves, let alone be able to have a life outside of work and house chores. We do not know any other Muslims to talk to or seek help and guidance from.

Should I disclose past trauma to my future husband?

Should I tell my future husband about my pregnancy and that I gave up my son for adoption?

Looking to adopt a child near Chicago

My wife and I are looking to adopt and bring up a Muslim child. Any adoption agencies near Chicago, if anyone have any info on this and any input? ~ amerhammer

I Feel I’m Becoming Something I’m Not

I cannot remember a day when I was happy and smiling… I feel I’m becoming something I am not!

Are we able to adopt?

We have looked into adoption and have been told it is not permitted for us… does anyone know of adoptions we are allowed to have?

Need a new born baby for adoption!

I was admitted to hospital and delivered twin still born baby girls with all the physical and emotional pains! My dear husband buried the small 500 gms babies in the grave with his own hands while I was crying in hospital bed! This happened exactly 15 days back! Due to my disease, I may or may not get pregnant again.