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Want to Abopt a Baby in the USA

We understand that adoption is not allowed in Islam but I can’t seem to settle with the thought that providing a loving home to an innocent baby could be bad. For our religion (Islam) we would love to provide help to a needy mom.

Are there any adoption agencies to adopt Muslim children in UK?

I was wondering is there any adoption agencies for Islamic children as I want to adopt a baby since I cant get pregnant.

Searching for someone to adopt our son (CLOSED TO COMMENTS)

Hello, my husband and I are looking for a home for our son. We were wondering if there is someone out there who is not able to give birth or who can’t have more children is looking to adopt.

My husband is desperate to have a child of his own.

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 3 years. I am 29 years old and he is 31 years old, and the doctor had diagnosed me as Post menopausal therefore lacking egg production since my hormone levels are too high.

So many mistakes, I have no idea how to set things straight again

I am a muslim girl but have been a very bad one for the past 4-5 years, though I always had my faith in Allah it was always on/off I guess the Satan came in the way too many times, I had been in a relationship with a muslim guy for 3 years we were in love but I had done other bad things before him as well…

Is egg donation allowed in Islam?

Doctors said my chance to have babies is less than 1%. Egg donation would be for me the best solution as I could still grow my husband’s kids. To me it is almost like – if not better than – adoption as the husband can have his own children…

Should I give my son up for adoption after I leave my husband?

Ive been on this website before regarding my son and marriage to the father of my son due to having him out of wedlock. I did get married a few months ago. The baby is now 11 months Alhamdulillah. I am studying at college and my marriage life was going fine until someone in college told me they saw my husband in his college days, which was when i fell pregnant, with another girl..

Please guidance to keep my baby

I read another post regarding a women wanting to put her baby up for adoption. A few comments mentioned in their the fact that ‘ at least she had not committed zina’ meaning it was not out of wedlock. This confuses me in my decision as you said to me it is best if I get married and keep the baby. I did so but still have not gained the care of the baby due to my parents. Does this mean I should not keep my baby and give him up for adoption?

I want to give my baby in adoption

Hi im a 21 year old student
I got secretly married a year ago and never informed my family as they are very old minded and believe in arranged marriage only. ^ months ago i found out i was pregnant and the babys father divorced me and moved back to his country to be with his first wife witch i knew nothing about.

Im now due with a baby at the end of march 2011….

Keep a baby and marry without consent of parents?

Nearly 2 years ago, I made a big mistake and committed zinaa. I then fell pregnant and had a baby boy. I ended up giving the baby to the social services and placed him in foster care…