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Should I take back my ex-wife?

Should I do again nikah to her and accept her with all the sins she committed?? Or should I move with my daughter…??

Should I live my life with such a liar?

I found she was talking countless boys on facebook and viber…. and all went to some kinda relationship.

Unfaithful husband and no intimacy in our marriage…

When I was getting married I was so elated and wondered – dreamt a lot about my future. Now all it went opposite. Everything is upside down.

Advice on staying in the marriage or divorcing

My husband always threatens when I mention divorce. He said I won’t get the kids and he will not pay any of my loans if I leave. I am very fearful of him as he has hit me whenever he gets very angry.

Should I divorce or forgive my unfaithful husband?

My question is should I try forgive one last time and pray to allah to keep him in straight path? Or should I leave?

What should I do about my wife and my marriage?

I need advice as per Islam. We started our marriage life and then started problems.

My husband cheats on me!

I hate him for lying and cheating and breaking my trust over and over again.. And I want to get a divorce coz I’m not happy. I feel like a door mat, a puppet..

Confused – does this invalidate our nikah?

My husband has been cheating on me with men and women. Lately I found out that I am his second wife.

My husband has cheated… even during our miscarriage

When I was praying so hard for his baby’s life he was sinning with other woman.

Wife cheated on me twice what should I do now?

My wife cheated on me I don’t know how many times. I am very upset, hurt, cannot eat and sleep.