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Social situations and age factor causing problems in our chances of marriage

I still cannot talk to my parents about our marriage. I can only do that after I am done with my studies and then I have a job. She being older than me makes the situation hard for us.

My cousin and I want to get married… My parents disapprove

I’m in dire need of advice and we just want to settle down and get married the right way with our parent’s blessing.

Help!! I don’t know what to do

I can’t end it with him because he threatens to kill himself.. What do I do?

Can he marry me against his mother’s will?

His mother is not interested in him marrying me as I already have a child and what will people think because I am elder to him. She is not accepting me.

Please help me to be able to marry him

His parents visited to see me and disliked me because of age differences. Still I’m not able to tell him I am 6 years elder. He knows I’m only a few months elder to him.

My dad won’t let me marry an older man.

I do want to marry him. My family knows about this but my dad is completely against it. He says it’s either him or this man. My mom agrees, and my older brother said that if his character and religion are good, then there shouldn’t be an issue. My dad admit that he is against it because he is afraid of what people will think–that his daughter married someone a lot older.

My mother is almost having an affair, please help.

PLEASE help me please I don’t know what to do, I’ve talked to her, begged and cried, I’ve asked him to leave my mother alone, but she just mailed him right back saying she misses him and blah blah (ew), and then changed her password.

Is it ok to marry my girlfriend who is 18 years younger than me

I am 40 years old and my girl friend is 22 years old and we are going to get married.

How can I get on with my older, quiet husband?

My husband is very quiet, never has a fun time with me, basically no conversation what so ever. I dont know if this is the age difference. I can’t look at him and don’t like my friends to see him.

What is an acceptable age difference between bride and grooms?

What is an acceptable age difference between bride and grooms?