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I’m 23 and she’s 27, can she fulfill me sexually?

She is 4 years older then me i am 23 and she is 27. she too kind women whom i ever meet in my life but i am scared of that i am 23, and will she fulfill my requirements of sex and all?

Guidance on Marriage – Please Help

I like her character and religiousness… In a few days my mother will meet her. Should my mother say anything about me to her?

Considering a divorced man with a kid

I’m praying istikhara and I am not feeling good about it… My friend is telling me if I take all this negative feel thing into account, I may not be able to achieve religious benefits.

Should they blame her for getting divorced?

She divorced him because of the age difference – she was 18 and he was 29. Was she wrong?

I’m 26 and he’s 40, what does Islam say about age differences in marriage?

I am 26 and my “soon-to-be” is 40. We are both divorced (we are both good and practising Muslims) and wish to marry soon. I am just wondering if there is a limit on age difference according to Islam. Like, is he too old for me? As I am sure this will be my parents’ biggest issue. My parents are Christians and I would like to have the Islamic ruling on this rather than their Christian ruling.