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Nikah without marriage?

By law in my country it’s illegal to get married under 18…

Should I accept this proposal?

Shall I give him a chance and say yes on a condition or shall I drop it from now and save him some time and pain to find someone else because of how young he is and his acquaintances on social media?

Social situations and age factor causing problems in our chances of marriage

I still cannot talk to my parents about our marriage. I can only do that after I am done with my studies and then I have a job. She being older than me makes the situation hard for us.

I am becoming distant from Allah because I see no marriage prospects.

I hope that with this post my feelings towards Islam will change for the better i’A. I’m 33 years old, female and i’m still single. I have tried every possible means to find someone who I am compatible with and have not had any luck so far.. rishta’s stopped coming, (prob due to age) and I’m at a loss.

How should isteqara be done?

Salaam. I am a 20 yr old muslim girl. A guy of my age asked me for marriage. He spoke to my mother and made his aunt speak to her. My mother and me did isteqara and saw good where the guy’s aunt and grand mother did isteqara and saw a bad dream. The guy didnt do isteqara himself and believed them.

What is an acceptable age difference between bride and grooms?

What is an acceptable age difference between bride and grooms?

A question regarding marriage contract.

I need to know the situation regarding somebody who got married with a foreign woman who do not know his native language ( the arabic ) , he lied about his exact age , also the marriage contract was submitted in arabic therefore the foreign wife could not check the written exact age of this man , now they are living together since almost 3 years under the same lie.

Money problems preventing marriage?

I am a 29 yr old woman in NY and am looking to the future and settling down. My personal situation is somewhat complicated however – I look after an elderly relative and am also in charge of managing my parents’ household – income etc is all my responsibility at the moment. I am their only daughter and so the responsibility falls on me.

White British male atheist 42 wanting Muslim girl 22

I am a white British man aged 42, an athiest and working as a senior manager for local government. I am seperated from my wife and have two lovely children. Six months ago I took on a beautiful 22 year old Bangladeshi girl to train within my team, for me it was like love at first sight!

choosing dad over a guy is it right?

I am 18 and the guy I still love is 30. He is from a different nationality but he is a very good muslim and he respects me alot. We dated for a year and did alot except zinaa. And I’m still feeling really guilty and shameful for whatever I have done. Because I really love my dad, I did what he said. I left the guy. But since then I feel really guilty and cursing my self every time I think of him. Whatever I have done was haram and at the end another sin which I broke his heart for the sake of my father.