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My muslim husband is an addict

I don’t want our baby to grow up with his dad addicted to drugs, cigarettes and being around someone who drinks.

How to stop someone from taking alcohol?

My father is too much into alcohol from a very long time now… When I objected to it he asked me to leave the house.

Alcohol misuse

My husband has been drinking alcohol and doing other drugs… I know he isn’t a bad person deep down in his heart but he won’t stop his bad habits.

My secret husband is a drug addict

He quit flirting and drugs when we got in relationship and promised never to do it again. I am observing signs everyday that he’s lying and hiding stuff.

Married to an alcoholic and praying istikhara

Can istikhara help in this situation or I guess it’s not permissible because what he’s doing is haram anyways and I should be seeking a divorce. Ideas, thoughts, practical advice, prayers?

Fed up with being married

i cant stand all this haraam stuff..i come from a very religious background…i pray all the five zakat…why me?…i didnt say anything that time…i left it…then we had a big fight..he abused me..i locked him out..he hit me…my life was shattered.