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I have sinned so much…

Every time I say I am going to repent I always seem to go to doing the bad things that I want to stop.

Should I divorce my drug addict husband?

I don’t know what to do. Giving him another chance scares me, I don’t want to go back. Leaving him also scares me, because I am afraid of societal impact.

My secret husband is a drug addict

He quit flirting and drugs when we got in relationship and promised never to do it again. I am observing signs everyday that he’s lying and hiding stuff.

I’m 10, my mom drinks and I hate her

I’m 10 years old and my mum has her friends staying in my house. I know they make her drink and influence her to drink wine. She makes me look after my 3 year old brother every day and I can never rest.

Help me become better – multiple problems as a Muslim

I am so afraid that I will not have enough time to do good deeds that will make up for all the bad I have done..

Married to an alcoholic and praying istikhara

Can istikhara help in this situation or I guess it’s not permissible because what he’s doing is haram anyways and I should be seeking a divorce. Ideas, thoughts, practical advice, prayers?

An affair turned to living hell…

He was ignoring me, I ignored him too till I realized my virginity problem which he caused… I’m sure he was fooling me from the beginning.. I don’t know what to do ..

A friend with no faith.

I cannot bear to see this person going down the wrong path. Nothing I say helps. I have even told this friend that I cannot be their friend anymore if they continue like this, but as much as this person does not want to lose me they are still not willing to give up the haram. This person does not care that they are pleasing the devil and not pleasing God.

Husband won’t talk to me after I drank alcohol

I was a hindu and married a muslim and got converted. we are married for 10 yers. He is already married and has children. I used to drink before marriage and i gave up..

I don’t want to sell alcohol, but my parents think I’m a hypocrite!

I am an 19 year old muslimah living in the west. Since I have to pay my stuff myself, insurance and all (my parents want me to learn how to deal with money). I worked at a supermarket as a cashier. So I scanned the stuff and took the money. But since I live in the west the supermarkets sell alcohol. So frequently I had to scan the alcohol, the pork and some other haram stuff. I didnt feel good about it, so I did a bit of research and I found out that it is not permisseble to work at such a place. And that I’m doing haram buy scanning the article, I am actually assisting them with the haram stuff.