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I’m 10, my mom drinks and I hate her

I’m 10 years old and my mum has her friends staying in my house. I know they make her drink and influence her to drink wine. She makes me look after my 3 year old brother every day and I can never rest.

Married to an alcoholic and praying istikhara

Can istikhara help in this situation or I guess it’s not permissible because what he’s doing is haram anyways and I should be seeking a divorce. Ideas, thoughts, practical advice, prayers?

Convert to Islam can’t stop drinking, and feeling lost

Finding God is supposed to be one of the most happiest and peaceful times of our lives, but I feel ashamed to say it hasn’t for me. It’s been a rough time. I don’t want people to look at me and see hurt, depression, confusion, misguidance as a God fearing Muslim. I want them to see happiness, light, peace, angels; want them to feel strength. And because of my issues I’m sharing with you today, I try to fake a smile or just seclude myself because I don’t want to give people the wrong impression.

Stress is eating me from inside, how do I handle this?

I just feel so much negative is happenning around me that I have no time to catch my breath and say elhamdulilla. I just try to pray, and while praying I find myself just crying. I don’t want to study engineering, but im doing it for my parents’ sake.

The abuse from my past is holding me back, please help

Assalaam alaikum, brothers and sisters in the deen, my life is a mess and I need help. I am a muslim , although I am ashamed to call myself that. I am 36 years old, drink alcohol, have a ruined marriage..