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Can Allah MAKE someone think about something?

I really want to marry him, and i dont want to become that kind of woman who has any relationship and just does it for fun. I fell for him with my mind ready for what i might have to face and i fell for him knowing that he IS the right guy. All i need to know is can Allah Swt make this happen if he wills it to happen?


Did we sin by marrying despite my in laws’ disapproval?

My husband and I were both born in the USA so we understand that Islamically this is permitted and culture does not matter. I know it is haram to cut off ties with family, but my in laws refuse to accept me as their daughter in law, and are upset with their son for going against them. Have we sinned? I know we are to obey parents, but in matters of deen, such as marriage, obedience to Allah comes first.

Trying to learn about Islam

A friend has been introducing me to the Islam faith for a few months now. I know that he wants me to find some answers as I lost faith in my own religion some time ago (was christian but have been athiest for some time) but still consider myself a good and spiritual person.

We have had a friendship for five years but she won’t marry me

I have a friendship with a muslim woman for 7 years. we understand each other alot and exchange gifts but the problem am having is i wanna marry her and spent rest of my life with her. I finally found ture happiness. The problem is she only loves me as a friend and we both from different culture am black she is pakistani. Most of pakistan womens only marrys their pakistan men.

Isthikhara on love before marriage

I’ve been asking questions and cant seem to find an answer which is simple. I’ve known this guy for about nearly 3 years and through out those years i’ve always explained to him that i didnt want to be a part of a relationship before marriage and that if we loved each other we wouldnt take one another to hell. It is because of me that he started praying and that he said i made him a better person as i lead him the right way.

I’m in love with someone but lost him due to my lying & insecurities

I have been with someone the past year. overall i was not good to them. i lied to them a massive amount. i have come to realise i have a problem with lying. i don’t know if i’m a compulsive liar or why i do it but i lie. he was the first person i actually admit all my faults and flaws to, this is the second time i’m openly admitting that yes maybe i’m a compulsive liar. and it’s very hard and sad and hurtful for me to say it. i am but i want to change.

Bad thoughts about Allah

I try to believe in Allah and try to build my iman, but sometimes bad thoughts come in my mind about Allah.