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I converted to Islam for him, but he married another girl

I had an emotional relationship with a man I met in college….he deceived me to get my attention, but married another. I am devastated.

Is being biromantic okay?

I’m feeling terribly helpless and I’m losing my faith in Allah’s forgiveness.

The world is changing or just me??

Even though I’ve repented and reverted but still feel scared about akhirah and meeting Allah… I’ve hurt so many people in so many ways…

I was Christian converted to Islam

When I was Christian I did abortion. Do I still have a chance to forgive this huge sin I made?

Feeling guilty and depressed

When I was 6 years old my servant tried to sexually molest me… then my cousin started… Then when I was 13 I asked my servant to kiss me…

I need Allah’s forgiveness

I am afraid of ALLAH’s anger and think that he will not forgive me as I am doing it again and again….

Should I marry for status or love?

He is not at all good looking, and everyone says that I deserve better than him. I love him, but I really can’t tolerate his family. They don’t have any standards at all, and that’s why I’m taking back my steps and not fighting for him. I don’t wanna marry some pious man, because I don’t wanna do injustice to him. I may find a guy who’s my type and who has committed sins like mine, but guys don’t accept and can’t bear that their wives are already not a virgin. So I think I cant lead a normal, peaceful life.

Will Allah Forgive My Sins? How can I let go of these feelings?

I pray to Allah all the time and I know Allah is listening, I want to be patient, I want to be worthy to be Allah’s servant, I know I have wronged I have hurt so many people and don’t want to continue, how can I get myself to stop praying for him to comeback when he’s ready for marriage, how can I accept its over, he’s told me its over and asked me to forgive him and said it wasn’t meant to be, will Allah forgive me? Will Allah mend my broken heart!?

My Father Is 65 But Still Visits Prostitutes

My father is 65 years of age (approx.) i’m very much depressed by my father’s habits and behaviour. despite of the fact that my mother is alive and healthy (mashallah), his age, and now he is grandparent of my kids he is very much into illegal relationships with women and prostitutes.

Everyone Hates Me, I Want Allah To Love Me

I ran away from home and lived with a man. He abused me and tried to kill me. Nowadays, I live with my family. They still HATE me and have not forgiven me. I have no wish to keep going..