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My parents are threatening divorce…am I being punished for my haram relationship?

I don’t think I will be able to fullfill his rights as a husband once I move in with him, because everything about him repels me.

Afraid of Punishment of Allah

I committed a major sin about 2 years back… I don’t know whether I will be forgiven or not.

Punishment for destroying a girls life?

If one girl’s heart is broken and she is in pain… because of her pain the whole family got disturbed…

Being Punished For Blasphemy?

I am torn and I am ashamed…

Would Allah forgive me?

I don’t know if Allah will forgive me for all the bad sins and things I have committed. I am afraid my sins are too big for Allah to forgive. I fear Allah and his punishment.

I feel like I’m nothing, I’m losing hope day by day

I think God is punishing me. I love my Allah. But I’m unable to find hope and trust in him.

Will Allah forgive me for my sins?

I have made many sins and now am very confused with my life.

Forgiveness for zina

How He (Allah) will forgive me I hurt him a lot… I am scared that God will give me punishment in this world badly..

I have wasted all my life in sin; I want to be reborn and start from scratch.

I have been telling lies, i have been consuming alcohol, i have been watching porn, I have been very far from offering prayers and reciting Quran. Even i have forgotten to read Arabic in Quran. Infact I know only three sins which ALLAH has saved me from (Shirk, Zina and Murder of someone)