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Did our actions count as Zina?

A few years ago, I was in a haram relationship. I have now changed and am much closer to religion Alhamdullilah, but I worry that if I’m not a virgin, it reduces my status as a woman…It would make me feel so guilty.

Seeking forgiveness

I am engaged to the love of my life… am I still Virgin for him after doing all these grave sins?

Raped before puberty

Will I be considered impure and my future has gone down the drain?

An affair turned to living hell…

He was ignoring me, I ignored him too till I realized my virginity problem which he caused… I’m sure he was fooling me from the beginning.. I don’t know what to do ..

I used to be Religious, but I committed a mistake. How can I repent?

I am a teenaged girl (16, turning 17) who has lived all her life in a western country. I have been brought up in a strict Muslim family. My parents hoped that one day we would live in a Muslim country and they wanted us to know about our religion so we would be saved from hell fire. I always like the feeling of being pure, untouched. Then I met this guy.