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Husband is extremely verbally abusive, is it my fault?

I have tried to speak with him in calmer times to explain that his behaviour of getting angry over minuscule things then blaming me for his vile language is a classic example of verbal and emotional abuse, and suggested we look into counselling or advice from any Imam, Sheikh, scholar etc that he feels comfortable to speak with, but he refuses.

In love – Marriage issues

I know if i dont marry him i will ruin my life and honor and if i do i will ruin my life too and honour too.

Parents forced me into nikah

Can my family disown me for not marrying someone of their choice? Do these buzurgs or spiritual people really exist? How are they predicting the future? Or someone’s marriage?

Aunt is putting black magic on us, I can’t live like this

My mother used to go to Al-Huda (An Islamic Teaching Center) where her teachers and some colleagues found out that our maternal uncle’s wife was going to a person (Ghazi Baba) who used the help of Jinns to harm and to help at times.

My mother fought with my dad and left

Nowadays I am very distressed since my mom fought with my dad and she left the house to stay with her brother.

Am I doing haram in thinking about other men?

I cant handle talking to him because usually the things I say make him mad…and when I make him mad…well you know where it can lead. I try to talk but when I see him starting to punch the bed with his fist or slamming the door…I hush up.

Had fight with brother, can’t control my rage

Over all, there is much anxiety, panic, and anger in my life. I cannot control any of these at times. I have chronic anxiety and my panic symptoms come up. I get fast heart beat and something feel like I am going to die. I prayed to Allah so much in the past to remove this aliment from my life, but so far I have not seen much change.

My husband needs help for anger

I recently married about three months ago. My husband is a very sweet man and i love him to death when he is not angry. He has beat me on four different occassions in these short months.