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My wife is disobedient to me and has anger issues

My long distance marriage with my wife wasn’t working and coronavirus affected my job, so I moved back in with my difficult wife who is disobedient to me and confides in her sisters for everything, rather than me.

My abusive father is creating family unrest and chaos

My father is not in control of his anger and is constantly picking fights and criticizing all of us. He isn’t religious but preaches to the rest of us!

What should I do?

Recently I started saying some mean things to my mother. And I said something bad about God.

Wife Divorced me because of my Anger!!

I realize how rude, harsh and stupid I talked to her. I want to call her and apologize but can not as her family have history of violence, so I do not want them to bother my mom and sis back home.

Update on my situation!!!!

I was to go to the US embassy. Long story short I got caught… My mother is back on planning the wedding.

I’m messed up because of my terrible parents

How can I get along with parents who always treated me badly? I am messed up and have anger management problems because of them.

My husband has anger problems – what should I do?

Should I leave him now? Even when he gets mad at my daughter he hits her really badly… She isn’t even seven years old yet… But when he looses his anger there seems nothing but Allah who can stop the rage.

My father is violent and won’t find me a marriage

He said to me “I will kill you today”. Then he was throwing things on me including hammer and screwdriver and then I also attacked him, hit him, and tear his shirt.

Questioning my behaviour towards my parents

generally i am very good son to my parents, but i have sometimes upset them through my anger issues.

I was so angry I gave my wife 3rd talaq – where do we stand?

I swear that these words were unintended. If a wife was insulting her husband, if the husband gave her talaq will it stand or not? We have 2 children…