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My husband has anger problems – what should I do?

Should I leave him now? Even when he gets mad at my daughter he hits her really badly… She isn’t even seven years old yet… But when he looses his anger there seems nothing but Allah who can stop the rage.

My husband is angry all the time…

I make duaa for Allah to make him love us and be sweet to us but nothing has changed. At times I want to just kill myself but who will care for my children?

My father has become difficult to live with

I honestly don’t know how to proceed and I am tired of trying to restore our relationship. I am on the verge of shutting him out of my life.

My father mocks Islam and it’s ruining my fast

Although I was raised in a Pakistani family, my father believes in Communism, believes in extra-marital sex and looks to science and ration/reason as his god (Astaghfirullah).

Her father has threatened to kill her

I have known a young Islamic woman for 2 years now, you may find this hard to believe (as i am not a Muslim), but we have never committed any physical act although have been alone together. I have a great respect for her and her faith.

Her father recently found out about us and is utterly distraught. Myself and this young lady are so very close, it is breaking my heart to see her this way. We wish to be married, we wish to have a good life together, a decent life, but felt that, as we were both in a financialy unstable situation, and i am a non Muslim, it would be better to let him know at a later time.