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Moody and angry husband during Ramadan

I would like to know how to deal with extremely angry and short temper husband during Ramadan.

I want help on my marriage and what should I do to make it better?

I think of going to his place and tell him that I am his wife and I am being hurt by his behavior. But I don’t know how will he react.

Question about relations with brother in law in Islam

I went to see my sister and my brother in law was home, though left after a while. I went and I did not have interaction with him. When my husband came to know about it he became very angry, so much so that he hit me on face, abused and threatened of divorce.

Worried about my angry husband

What should I do? I can’t live without him, but I can’t bear his behaviour.

He’s changed after nikah, but we’re due to get married in 3 years – how will I cope with his anger?

I wouldn’t have had any problem if he got angry once every week but he gets angry almost every second day which has made my life hell. And then he is like I’m fed up of you, you don’t seem to understand me, you never listen to me.