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Suffering from mental illness

If I fail exams I will commit suicide… I’m suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


ED and Other Marriage Issues

Life is so messed up…

Self esteem of being a Muslimah

How to know if one has low self esteem being a Muslimah and how can a woman avoid it?

Afraid of Burglars

I am just so afraid.

Issue with my spouse

I am going through tough times… He is under medication – I feel it was wrong of him not to mention it before our marriage.

Fate and destiny

I pray to Allah and talk to him in my head and ask why me? Will I ever be happy?

Trust Issues

Can there be a marriage without trust?

My husband and I don’t love each other

I told my parents but they want nothing but the marriage, that I rather die than breaking the marriage.

15 Years Old and Want to Commit Suicide

I am only 15 years old and nearly 16. I have been feeling so stressed out and it is so bad that i just feel like ending my life.

Naked picture

I sent a picture to someone I thought I loved and it got posted onto social media…