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We want to get married but his brother is against it

How can we convince him?

I am so done with my life.

I’ve tried everything. I’m only 13 and I just don’t feel human anymore…

Am I ugly?

My husband told me to undergo a whitening treatment… he told me to take injections for preventing melanin!

Problems with hair fall

I’m a 15 year old male. My hairline has moved back and I don’t know what to do. It’s really difficult to hide.

Should I marry someone I am not attracted to, just because he is good in his deen?

My mother started to tell me if i rejected his proposal without giving him a chance that i would be cursed by Allah…

I want to marry him for his deen and character, but my parents are refusing to allow it!

After meeting the family my parents have said they do not want me to get married yet and that the boy is not as beautiful as me. And that the boy is too skinny.

Are these things allowed?

Is it allowed to shave hair of legs (boys)? is it allowed to wear bands (boys)? Asadullah

Will this suffering ever end?

Beauty is a very special gift and blessing from Allah but not everyone is being blessed for such a beautiful gift from Allah and I am one of those unlucky people.

My family criticise and judge my husband

My family say nikah is nothing. Nikah is just like engagement nowadays. You can break anytime you want but don’t risk your and your daughter’s life for a man who doesn’t have anything.

Allah is angry on me – Help me out

My face color is dull now. My eyes have been fainted. My cheeks are so thick and rough. Allah is extremely angry on me. He is taking my looks back.