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How can I convince my parents to let me marry this good Muslim man?

I’m 19 years old college girl. I have met this guy on a social website. I wasn’t planning to make a relationship with him or something, he was just asking me about Islam and to explain some verses for him. He is a good muslim religious person. After a while, he asked me to marry him because he wants to have islamic family not affected by the American culture, he said I’ll come to ur parents and propose according to the islamic civility and I’ll do whatever they want just to show them that I’m a good person who deserves their daughter and I totally agreed.

Parents won’t let me marry a Pakistani woman

I’m facing this problem right now, I’ve met this very decent loving and caring lady, she’s British Pakistani. and I am an Arab from Qatar. We are both british citizens. We have not done anything wrong or met alone or anything dodgy! I’m just very interested in her and have fallen in love.

He hasn’t contacted me for 2 weeks! Should I call him?

I am from west part of Africa, all my life have dream of marrying an Arab man or half Arab. Actually I have my reasons for this, I don’t know why but I never have had any deisre for black men…

My boyfriend won’t marry me because he wants an Arab girl

I have been dating my boyfriend for 9 month. we love each other but he says he can’t marry me because he wants to marry his fellow Arab girl and that hurts me a lot. I really wish he could marry me.

We chatted online and he fell in love with me

I met this boy in a chatroom 6 months ago. We started to appreciate each other. We can’t meet cause we aren’t in the same country. He’s Black and im Arab which doesn’t ease things. And now he likes me alot and want to marry me.