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Where to Study More About Islam?

I want to study in Arabic speaking country. I don’t know about good Islamic schools, I would appreciate your suggestions.

I do not know how to read the Quran, please suggest

I have always been busy with study and other works, never get time for islamic studies, even till now even i dont know have proper knowledge about islam, even i didnt read quran ,only having basic aliph ba te se ( ا ب ت ث) knowledge, as my life till here has been busy and i am little islamic. I wanted to be a pure Muslim.

Is it my fault that I can’t read arabic?

Hi. Well i’m 17 years old (female) and I have a really bad father (not to mention my life too) And he NEVER taught me how to read Arabic, He only approved of English school but not Arabic.

Even though I’m still studying can I still teach?

I wanted to ask for some advice and didnt know who to go to. I have just recently in september started an alimah course and I wanted to know wether i could still teach at a madrassa even though im still studying, I think it would be a great opportuity for me beacuse that way i would have some experience.