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Am I divorced?

Now that I am interested in remarrying my ex-husband is suddenly claiming that we are still married.

What are the wife’s rights after a divorce?

He was cruel to me… when he confirmed he wanted a divorce I was relieved… But what are a woman’s rights in divorce in Islam?

Am I divorced? If so can we start fresh and remarry?

Please don’t give me personal opinions… all I need is proper guidance or at least something that will guide me in the right direction.

Separated for 2 years

We have been separated for 2 years but he has not said he has divorced me…

Help for a lost mom with 10 kids

My question is are we divorced and how would I know if he has divorced me? Thank you very much.

Can I remarry my Muslim husband?

My Muslim husband divorced me three times when we where having a fight & after which he wished he had not done. As I understand it, to be divorced it must be said three times but I read somewhere that if he said it in anger, we are still married as he was not in the right mind when he said it.