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Broken down by relationship ending

All of a sudden he refused to talk to me and told me I wasted 4 years of his life. He even refused to marry me.

Bad dream about wife

I had a dream in which we were fighting… I can’t comprehend this dream.

Upset after fight with mother

The day we fought, she started telling the whole family of what I did. Now my whole family is like, going against me and this hurts so much.

I want to make amends with my in-laws but husband won’t let me.

I do not see eye to eye with my in-laws because I have been accused of things which haven’t been true. I used to confide in my sister in laws and one day they turned on me..

I misbehaved with my father-what to do now

I am hoping for advice from u friends regarding am matter which is disturbing me and i am totally broken down because of it. I had a fight with my father due to some unavoidable circumstances,I guess it could be avoided had I made an attempt to..