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My father sexually abused me and ruined my life

I realized that I would never be able to have contact with a man, since I cringed at every touch. My father ruined everything for me, and I was really disgusted. I just faked it, since I could not and was not allowed to tell my husband what happened in my past (My mom insisted on it, she said that if that came out me, my father would be viewed a certain way by people).

Arranged Marriage – Emotional Pressure

My parents are forcing me to get married. I have respected them all my life but I am trying to convince them that I will not be happy.

My boyfriend married someone else, what do I do?

He told me, if i wanted to go i can leave him! But i cant! I love him so much! He told me to marry him and be his second wife! But i just cant accept that!

Parents forced me into nikah

Can my family disown me for not marrying someone of their choice? Do these buzurgs or spiritual people really exist? How are they predicting the future? Or someone’s marriage?

Forced marriage – please help!

When I think about marrying him my heartbeat stops for a while. I am very much afraid of him because of what he did to me(I can say it was zina because he did it before Nikah) at very young age. I want Divorce but parents will literally kill me if I would say this in front of them.

Am I right to ask for Khula/divorce from my abusive husband?

I would like to ask my brothers and sisters out there if I am doing the right thing by asking for khula/divorce. I just haven’t got the energy to try and make this marraige work anymore and I apologise to everyone out there and even my family. The relative whom I always wanted to marry is still single and I believe that maybe allah will unite us, and this has been a test from allah to increase my imaan.