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I dont know what to do about my posessive mother in law

My mother in law is very possessive… even the servants are rude to me. It’s now my fault that we are unable to have kids… it’s Allah’s will so what can I do? I think if artificial insemination fails they’ll divorce me.

Is sperm donation to infertile relative allowed in Islam?

I am really willing to help, I am willing to donate and let my brother enjoy the fatherhood as I am enjoying mine now. But I am afraid of Allah’s punishment if I am doing a wrong thing. Please, guide me through, this is really bothering me.

Is Egg donation haram or halal in Islam?

I am 33 years old single mom, engaged to a Muslim man and have been asked to be an egg donor. I have read plenty about artificial insemination but what about being a donor? I would be helping a family who cannot have children and am not yet married. However, my fiance is concerned rightfully that it could be haram.