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When your child leaves Islam and becomes an atheist

Our 26 year old daughter whom we love very much, recently told my husband and I that she had left Islam a few months ago to become an atheist.

My Atheist Family Will Disown Me if I Convert to Islam

My family love my boyfriend but have told both him and me that I am not converting as my mum and dad both hate “organised religion” and do not want me to be “forced into it”, I have spoke to them about it and my dad said it will happen “Over my dead body”.

Do you think I’m forgiven I HAVE COMMITED MAJOR SINS

I didn’t make a choice to stop believing in god my faith just went away but then again I blame myself for allowing that type of evil in my life.

I’m an atheist and my partner wants me to convert to the Muslim religion

My partner was aware of my views before we got together, decided to have a child and get married so I feel this is totally unfair from him, particularly because he says that now he cannot be with me if I do not convert.

My atheist jewish partner will convert to marry me

He comes from an atheist jewish family, and believes there is a possibility of a God, but he is not convinced of it. He’s agreed to convert in name, practice with me as much as I need, and to take a personal and academic interest in Islam as far as possible. He’s agreed to raising our children Muslim so long as they can participate in Jewish holidays, which I am fine with.

Lost my religion: Islam

It’s killing me 🙁 A number of times I tried to get back to Islam but FAILED!!! The very idea of God becomes unacceptable to me, but a few months back I do remember while I was on a flight and our plane had some severe jolts because of weather and I thought we would crash and all I could utter was the Kalimah, and I uttered it many a times.