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My Atheist Family Will Disown Me if I Convert to Islam

My family love my boyfriend but have told both him and me that I am not converting as my mum and dad both hate “organised religion” and do not want me to be “forced into it”, I have spoke to them about it and my dad said it will happen “Over my dead body”.

Beliefs of husband

He started saying there is no Allah and bad things about religion and Islam. After birth of my son he again started telling me about his beliefs and that he will teach same beliefs to his son.

I got married as a muslim man with a non believing woman

Now she is pregnant… What should I do?

I’m an atheist and my partner wants me to convert to the Muslim religion

My partner was aware of my views before we got together, decided to have a child and get married so I feel this is totally unfair from him, particularly because he says that now he cannot be with me if I do not convert.

I need reasons to not kill myself and fast

Ok so I’m not islam I’m athiest but I have thought about converting. But I need help. I’m 13 and I’ve always had attitude problems. But it has gotten worse since my mother’s boyfriend has moved in. He has violated me in the past so I don’t even know why my mother took him in again. And now I’m being bullied in school because of a boy I really like.

I am an atheist but I am willing to convert to marry him

I found this site by recommendation by a muslim friend, and i thought I’d post my question here. The person I’m in love with is muslim, and though I’m rather familiar with the religion I figured i should ask on a muslim site for advice..

White British male atheist 42 wanting Muslim girl 22

I am a white British man aged 42, an athiest and working as a senior manager for local government. I am seperated from my wife and have two lovely children. Six months ago I took on a beautiful 22 year old Bangladeshi girl to train within my team, for me it was like love at first sight!

How can I convince my parents to marry me to my atheist boyfriend without hurting them?

I am in2 this relationship with a non muslim guy for 5 yrs…though he is an atheist bt takes a lot of pride in his name…the problem is so that now v both want to get married…his parents have agreed quite reluctantly…bt there is a lot of prob from my side..

My boyfriend may object to me aborting his baby as he is a devout Muslim

Sadly today I have found out that I am pregnant. It is far too early to have this happen so I intend to terminate, however I am unsure how he will react if I decide to tell him as I am unsure of the islam stance on abortion (I am only just learning about the islam faith after being at the mosque for eid) and this concern is making me consider taking care of this discreetly on my own so he does not feel under any preasure to act.

Muslim girl married to an atheist

I am a 23 year old female who has been married for over a year. When I first married my husband he was a Muslim. He knows a lot about islam, he can read the Quran and use to pray 5 times a day. It is sad to say that he has now converted to atheisim, he still holds high moral values that are exactly like Islam but he does not pray nor fast.