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Is this marriage acceptable?

We are thinking of a legal marriage and to do nikkah after its validation by making a Muslim scholar as wali.

Tried Killing Myself After He Left Me

All I can think about now is google search: how to kill yourself at home astagfirullah. I worked in mental health 5 years and always helped people get out of depression. And now I can’t walk myself without fainting.

Please help me escape this cycle of abuse?

I’m very lost and now I have nowhere to go…

He broke his engagement for a girl he loved, was he wrong?

My cousin broke his engagement finally after 8 months because he says he couldn’t bear the thought of spending his life with her since all this time he wished to marry someone else…

How do I get rid of these ‘satanic’ thoughts?

I’ve had a very tough childhood. My father has been abusive towards me in all types of ways (I will not tell you but I think you can guess) and that has put a lot stress on me. I’m pretty much shattered and I feel depressed most of the time. No one wants to be my friend and I’m mostly shunned or bullied by people. I’ve struggled most of my life to be accepted and I’ve been accepted by a few people who are my friends

My life is spinning out of control – don’t know if my marriage is salvageable!

I am married, and was married once before. My ex husband was evil to the core. I have a metal plate in my neck as a daily reminder of how evil he can be. When I finally escaped him, and he was in prison for trying to kill me, I came back to Colorado and spent the next 5 years doing everything I could to try and understand how I became such a victim? Before him I was so independant, even hard I guess.