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I received a marriage proposal in my dream

In my dream, my mother’s aunt wanted her son to marry me. What does this mean for me?

Advice for marriage.

I am in love with my maternal aunt. We both have same feelings for each other.

Can I move her to live with us, while she is in Iddat?

After the death of my phupha (father’s brother in law), Age: 68 years my phuphi (father’s sister) age: 62 years, is all alone in her house. She has no daughter or son. She is sick and dependent on others for daily activities.

Elder aunt put nazar on my sister and now her husband has changed

I am in great pain because of my elder sister who got married four months back.It was an arranged marriage, everything was in favour of the marriage , her husband really respected my parents and me and my younger brother too. However, as in every family, there are some people who get jealous when something good happens to others…