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To marry or not to marry?

My brother liked this girl at his university. He wanted to get married, but my parents and I were against it. He’s just 23 and still immature, And the girl’s family was not ready either. But being a guy, he wanted to get married soon since his male desires were increasing. Is it the only reason people […]

I am 17 and want to get married in order to avoid sin

I’m 17 (turning 18 soon) im thinking to marry this girl. I like this girl and i would like to marry her because I’m very religious so to prevent any sins or get tempted to do anything bad with this girl. I want to get married so we can do it the halal way because dating doesn’t exist in Islam.

How to improve concentration in prayer and avoid zina

Assalamu alaykum, I am 18 year old . Recently I have been facing lot of problems with my self , I am sure scholars here would give me some valuable advice..
1) I cannot concentrate on my namaaz…

Fallen in love with a married woman and need help to avoid zina

I am going through some strange phase of my life. I am single,27 and fallen in love with a married woman of 47. Initially it was a respectful relation as I never looked at her with negative feelings but I dont know with the passage of time the feelings become more stronger and then there was time that we become too close…

In love with my cousin, staying away from zinaa

I have liked a girl for about 7 years and first told her when I was 13 but since we were too young we said we’ll see about it later, (Thinking that it puberty was playing a role in it and hoping it was a crush). About 3 years later in February of 06 she told me she liked me as well and in summer 08 she told me she loved me as well. We got very emotional and we kissed a few times, and then realized what we were doing was wrong I have repented from Allah SWT many times. Thanks to Allah (SWT) I haven’t done any such activity ever.