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I am living the life of a prisoner with my husband

I married this man because he said he would be on my side, and now he is doing the exact opposite just because we have a daughter and he knows I can’t let her suffer.

Is it permissible to want my boyfriend back?

We both got along so well right away and the chemistry and connection was there. Yes we had our ups and downs just like every other couple. And we did go astray by having an intimate relationship…

Baby name – Oula

Is this acceptable as a middle name?

Is ”Wali” name appropriate for a new born?

By grace of Allah I have a baby boy born in my house.

Baby out of wedlock

If I leave my home to be with my baby I won’t have my family’s support. If I give my baby up for adoption it will kill me…

5 weeks pregnant revert …help!

My boyfriend wants me to have an abortion. I don’t want to kill our baby – would I be sinning if I keep our baby?

Abortion – Do or Don’t?

I was thinking about getting an abortion – my ex is against it in every way but I am Muslim and my family is extremely conservative. I don’t know what to do the baby has a heart beat already and I feel guilty but at the same time my family will disown me.

Abortion due to down syndrome detection

Please let us know the Islamic view about it as we need to understand this…

Need your advice regarding naming my baby

I need some suggestions regarding naming baby boy…

He promised me a baby

He is prepared to honour his promise. However, he is now married.