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Muslim woman, unmarried and pregnant

We have found out we are expecting a child. He has always wanted to convert to Islam, we were just waiting to graduate from college. We would really like to get married before the baby is born.

My husband is desperate to have a child of his own.

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 3 years. I am 29 years old and he is 31 years old, and the doctor had diagnosed me as Post menopausal therefore lacking egg production since my hormone levels are too high.

Seeking Help for leaving drug addiction of my Husband

My husband is a heroin abuser since 2001. I love him still now but suffering from his addiction. He takes drug regularly. When he takes heroin he is totally changed.

Should my husband leave me and go back to his non Muslim wife just for the sake of his kid?

I was married almost seven months ago. My husband told me that his ex is waiting for a baby and that he needs time before he tells her that he is married. She gave birth six months ago and they had an amazing baby girl. I asked him if he is going to tell her as we agreed on but he said that he still needs more time like three or four months because he wants to move to where they live and be close to his daughter before telling the mom.

Are my cystic ovaries stopping me from conceiving?

My Name is Nusrat, it has been almost 2 years since my marriage but till date I couldn’t conceive. Medically my husband is fit but I have a problem of cystic ovaries which might be the reason for delay.

Engaged to a married man and dealing with jealousy

A man who have wife but his wife never gave birth any child.we engage to marry each other,i want to marry him but i’m very jealous..

Dua for my 2 year old boy

I have a 2 yr old son, i started working/studying when he was 6 mnths of age. He was left at home with a maid, and my mother in law. I wasnt able to give him the proper attention i think, that he hasnt started speaking as yet. He says a few words, but never repeats them. I also think that he doesnt have the wisdom of a two yr old, he is too innocent, but very hyper.

We’ve had a baby & he keeps promising to marry me, but won’t

I was raised Catholic, converted to Islam for my “fake” husband. I have known him for years, and actually divorced my previous husband for him. I have 2 kids from that marriage, he first said he never wanted kids so I kept breaking up with him and he kept pursuing me. He promised to marry me and wanted a baby. I got pregnant and we all moved in together when the baby was born.

Name of new born baby girl

born on 7-ziqad 1432 6th oct..

I am confused and depressed, will my baby go to Jannah?

Then we have along relationship to get to know each other then again he proposed to me that time finished my coursed in Al Dawah Center so i decided to marry him.But i dont know if my marriage is halal …