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Problems in my family over the past year

Now we don’t have any communication….they both live for each other and I’ve been left alone.


Is it wrong listening to mom’s problems?

Is it Ghibah ?!! Even if I try to remain neutral or silent still I’m a human . I may say yes or no to certain things . Or answer some . Plus if I remain silent she complains that I don’t listen…

Do I have a chance of getting married to her?

We wanted to get married the Islamic way. She told her father and he became extremely violent.

Divorced by my husband in favour of his second wife

He wrote divorce – I looked at his face thrice that he might stop but he didn’t. He wrote the words three times and left.

He is constantly making me look bad

I feel so unhappy in this relationship. Each time I go home to my parents I don’t want to leave them. I can’t see anywhere to go. I just want to be out of the house as long as I can. He portrays himself as an amazing guy to me, but behind my back he looks for opportunities to put me down to anyone I know. I, inshallah will start praying and finding my faith, but should I stay in such a marriage that keeps me unhappy?

My mother got me married without my consent

She agreed when I didn’t give my consent. He can’t go back as his visa will expire. I don’t want to stay in Pakistan and the way he is has made me hate him. My dad is not speaking to me. I no longer want to be in this marriage.

I am tired of my in-laws and don’t know what to do about it?

I get the brunt of it then it causes problem for me and husband because he thinks I’m moody and doesn’t understand that all this is getting to me. We never go out; stay at home just in case I’m in new area i don’t know anyone here so I’m always stuck in the house 24/7

I want to change my bad character and stop backbiting

I am a reverted Muslim.I Fast and pray five times a day,Believe strongly in Allah. But I have a bad habit of talking at other’s back which may sometimes lead me to trouble…

Problems with inlaws

I´m married since 2 years and I could not adapt to my inlaws so we recently moved and we now live seperately from them. At inlaws, there were lots of people living together, almost in same house…

Is it a sin to not have a close relationship with my in laws?

Whilst living with my husband’s family I felt very uncomfortable because I have come from a very peaceful and calm Muslim family Alhamdulillah and stepped into a “Muslim” household which is dominated by conflict, gossiping, backbiting and unnecessary drama every day.