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Why is it coming to me and will it come back?

Need to consult istikhara result for better understanding

Is my positive feeling asking me to do a case, or bad dreams telling me not to do it?

Looking for my husband and daughters in a dream

I’m worried. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Is it possible that someone has bad dreams after Istekhara but that thing is good for him/her?

I did Istekhara and am having a lot of bad dreams. I still feel that he is the right one and things will change…

Having frequent nightmares

I used to have many nightmares four years ago when I shifted to this house, but then I moved out. Now I’m back here and having these kind of dreams again, and I feel scared and depressed all the time.

I have recurring dreams that people are spying on me or plotting against me

I have the same recurring dream- that I am going to meet the man of my dreams only to have him leave me on lies that these Asians will spread. I dream that migrants hate me and want to frame me.

She dreams of death, and someone dies

my friend, she is 18 yrs old, she was dreaming constantly about a death of a person and a person died the next day, including the person she has never met.

Seeing Jinn and Demons in Dreams

I offen saw demons jins n all sort of evil spirits..they r harming my family, home n me..n i use to kill them by reciting durrod shareef in dream.. n suddenly they disappeared

Bad Dreams and Broken Bangles

I am a 17 year old girl and in the past few days I have been having bad dreams about someone following me and wanting to attack me or my family.

Dreams are haunting me!

Anyways I am 13 years old, and for a few years now I have been getting dreams about ghosts. I’m not going to go into any detail, but the ghosts are always trying to kill me in my dreams.