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He proposed then changed his mind, my heart is broken

he told me he doesn’t know if he even wants this anymore. i was very upset and shocked and i still am because he was the one who came back to me. he said he thinks its best we go our separate ways. and that’s all i got.

I feel depressed and suicidal, how can I get rid of these bad feelings

Now after a year I again get the same feelings, and I again did that. Now I think these feelings will never leave me and I curse the moment I came to know about it. Tell me some solution how I can get rid of these bad feelings and how to keep myself away from depression. I just want to forget about it. Please help me, I seriously need help.

I keep quarreling with my sister inlaw

I’m a housewife married for 7 years now. Its a love marriage and MashaAllah my husband is really good and caring but the problem I have with, is my sis in law who is married for 6 years and still lives with us. Ours is a joint family and were very happy with each others company until my sis in law joined us..