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I converted to Islam, but my husband says that American girls are worthless

My husband tells me that all amercan girls including me are just bad girls (he uses cuss words). Then later he apologizes for being so bad.

One month into a forced marriage, I have lost my happiness

I am a woman who has been married for one month and I am not a very happy soul. This marriage is a forced affair and was committed only for my parents sake. Being a Muslim I’m aware of the fact that I’m supposed to keep my husband happy and satisfied. In the process, I’m not happy myself.

Married, pregnant and abandoned by my husband

I know suicide is haram but what should I do, I have this SNAKE baby. I can’t sleep, eat, am a dead body walking around. I dont want to keep this baby, for it has same blood as him. I need answers. Why did this happen, after all we did for him. His name is S.S. from Brooklyn New York. Why did he do this to me? Why did he use me? Ya Allah why? Why? I can’t move on. I can’t.